Exterminator Services In Charlotte

Find Out If You Need Apartment and Home Apartment Exterminator Services

Many people often ask if an exterminator service is needed to get rid of pests in their home or business. Usually pest control companies offer a range of services, from general cleaning to termite control, as well as other services that homeowners can take advantage of. However, it can be hard knowing which service to choose, especially for larger infestations. Below is some advice on how to tell whether an exterminator service is needed, or whether the homeowner could achieve similar results on their own.


If your problem involves larger pests such as ants or rats, then it’s possible that hiring an exterminator could prove beneficial. “At Clear Defense, we only use environmentally safe products. Our pest control treatment uses sensitive, pinpoint techniques based on specific pest life cycle, habitats and life cycle within Charlotte, NC. Our professional insecticide applications are applied over time with precise pinpoint accuracy using ultra-fast nitrous oxide sprayers, giving you consistent results day after day. Our products also dissipate quickly into the air, ensuring that no harm comes to your family or pets.” – Mike


In short, exterminators are trained professionals who use advanced pest control technology to both prevent infestations and solve existing problems. They can handle many pest problems, including: Bed Bugs, Roaches, mice, ants, bed mites, fleas and more. Many services also offer monthly or weekly service contracts which can be convenient, especially for businesses. For larger infestations, sometimes it’s best to contact a pest management service that offers a complete home inspection and assessment, comprehensive treatment recommendations and advice and assistance on how to prevent future pest issues.